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Egypt hosts World Hepatitis Day 2015

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WHO celebrated World Hepatitis Day 2015 in Cairo in recognition of Egypt’s ‎pioneering role in combatting viral hepatitis. Egypt is supporting a comprehensive approach for tackling hepatitis through their “Plan of action for the prevention, care and treatment of viral hepatitis 2014–2018". Led by the National Committee of Control for Viral Hepatitis, Egypt has spearheaded the treatment of hepatitis C with the new drug Sofosbuvir which has been shown to cure more than 90% of patients. Egypt has plans to treat 150 000 patients by the end of 2015, and another 300 000 by the end of 2016.

‏‎The 2015 commemoration took place at the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean.  In attendance were His Excellency Dr Adel Adawy, Minister of Health of Egypt, Dr Charles Gore of the World Hepatitis Alliance, and Dr Ala Alwan, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean‎. The event was attended by numerous international stakeholders, including top international and Egyptian officials concerned with the control of viral hepatitis.   

The event also included the launching of the Injection Safety Campaign in Egypt, and the handing over of the project document to H.E. Minister of ‎Health. ‎This campaign aims to reduce unnecessary injections and promote the transition to the exclusive use of safety ‎engineered syringes. These syringes can only be used once, hence are less likely to transmit the virus to receivers or ‎providers of health care services. Egypt has also expressed its commitment to manufacture these new ‎syringes in the near future.‎

A documentary film on the Egyptian national programme for the control of viral hepatitis was presented at the conference, and 2 patients described their experiences with the new treatment which the ministry of health has introduced since October 2014. An animated video on prevention of hepatitis B and C was also shown during the event.

The Prime Minister of Egypt Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab hosted an evening celebration of World Hepatitis Day in the historic Cairo Citadel. He vowed to eradicate viral hepatitis and declared that the Government was engaged in a battle to defeat this grave threat.  



Viral hepatitis in Egypt: challenges and response (YouTube) | Download

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day 2015 Egypt has been chosen by the World Health Organization to host the global event. Follow us through this clip to find out about the challenges of the high burden of viral hepatitis C in Egypt, and learn about the comprehensive response the country has taken, in collaboration with health partners. Egypt has reduced prevalence of hepatitis C through a range of measures underscoring the importance and positive impact of treatment and prevention efforts. See for yourself how the main components of the country's "Plan of Action for Prevention, Care and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis (2014-2018)" are designed to lead Egypt towards the goal of a hepatitis-free future.


Prevent Hepatitis – Act Now! (YouTube) | Download 

Prevent Hepatitis – Act Now! On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day 2015 the World Health Organization is reminding people that due to advances in research science and technology, viral hepatitis is preventable and can be treated. This animated cartoon highlights some common modes of transmission of viral hepatitis and advocates for preventive measures. 

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