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Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region

The Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR), one of the major projects of the Virtual Health Sciences Library, was initiated in response to a pressing need to index health and biomedical journals from the Region. The vast majority of these journals are not currently indexed internationally or abstracts provided. Mapping regional health and biomedical literature will increase its exposure at national, regional and global levels. The Index Medicus is a unique tool for indexing, abstracting, recording, archiving and sharing regional health information.

Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean

IMEMR journals directory

The Index Medicus for Eastern Mediterranean Region journals directory is a bibliographic repository for all information about health and biomedical sciences journals published in the Region and indexed in the IMEMR.

Journals directory

Institutional digital repository

The institutional digital repository provides access to a range of information products, including publications, WHO governing bodies documentation, annual reports of the Regional Director, his messages and speeches, technical and intercountry meeting reports, videos and WHO campaign materials. It includes bibliographic data with online access to the full text of more than 19 000 official documents. 

Institutional digital repository