Another polio case Afghanistan — vaccination campaign starts tomorrow in high risk areas

Kabul, April 8, 2018 – A sub-national polio vaccination campaign will be conducted in selected high-risk districts in Afghanistan starting from tomorrow and will last until 13 April 2018.

The campaign starts at a critical time. One new polio case has been confirmed last week in Ghazi Abad district of Kunar province – the second case in the district in the past month, bringing the total number of confirmed polio cases in Afghanistan to seven in 2018.

The paralyzed child is an 11-month-old girl in an area difficult to access by vaccination teams. The child had never been vaccinated against polio, as the child’s family repeatedly refused vaccination.

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Repairing the wounds of war in Afghanistan

Emergency, an Italian humanitarian NGO financially supported by WHO, runs a surgical ward in the centre of Kabul. They treat victims of war for free. Programme coordinator Dejan Panic talks about his work.

7 April 2018 – IDejan_Panic_EmergencyEmergency Programme coordinator Dejan Panict was a sunny winter day in one of central Kabul’s busiest areas. Buzzing with shoppers and commuters going about their daily business, the area is part of Kabul’s so-called ring of steel, a heavily fortified area with checkpoints, blast walls and barbed wire protecting the many embassies and government offices.

The legendary Chicken Street, full of carpet and souvenir shops, used to be a hotspot for foreign visitors, but now expats have largely deserted the place due to the ever growing insecurity.

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  • Another polio case Afghanistan — vaccination campaign starts tomorrow in high risk areas
  • Repairing the wounds of war in Afghanistan
    Repairing the wounds of war in Afghanistan


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