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Collaboration on regional environmental health action plan

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4 April 2013 – In March 2013, the Centre for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA) and the Euro-Arab Environment Organization (EAEO) signed a memorandum of understanding, which represents a statement of intent to collaborate together on joint activities in the fields of environmental health, mainly within the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

The key objective of this memorandum is to provide an umbrella framework within which CEHA and EAEO can develop and undertake collaborative activities and projects by:

  • exploring areas of collaboration for capacity-building activities, ad hoc learning events and conferences;
  • utilizing and leveraging the parties existing resources and facilities to mutual advantage and benefit;
  • pooling together resources andexpertise where appropriate; and
  • evaluating the effectiveness of working in collaboration on respective organizational mandates and priorities.

Anticipated collaborative activities include:

  • exchanging information onenvironmental health programs and actions in countries of the region and at aregional level
  • undertaking joint or commonsectoral, thematic and/or territorial work particularly aimed at evaluating interactions between health and environment
  • organizing joint environmental health events (projects, workshops, conferences, etc.)
  • publishing and disseminating jointly prepared documents.

The Euro-Arab Environment Organization (EAEO) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization. Its headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. EAEO is involved in environmental issues and sustainability development between European countries and Arab world.