Afghanistan | News | Aryana Saeed, famous Afghan pop singer nominated as Cancer Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan

Aryana Saeed, famous Afghan pop singer nominated as Cancer Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan

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On the World Cancer Day Commemoration, Aryana Saeed, the famous Afghan pop singer and women’s rights activist was nominated as the cancer goodwill ambassador for Afghanistan by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. 

Dr Ferozuddin Feroz Minister of Public Health and Aryana Saeed signed the agreement, which makes Aryana Saeed the goodwill ambassador for advocacy and public awareness campaigns about cancer in Afghanistan.

According to the estimates of World Health Organization, around the world an estimated 9.6 million people died of cancer in 2018. More than 1 trillion US dollars is the total estimated annual economic cost of cancer around the world. However, according to the WHO analysis 30-50% of cancers could be prevented.


“I would like to commend the efforts of the Afghan Ministry of Public Health in Relation to the reduction of maternal mortality in the country. I will do all I can to advocate in relation to cancer as one of the most fatal non communicable diseases. On the other hand, I will also make utmost efforts to raise public awareness in relation to prevention and treatment of cancer”, said Aryana Saeed.

“Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. On the other hand stomach and oral cancer is the most type of cancer among men. More than 30,000 thousand people in Afghanistan are diagnosed with cancer every year, and 15,000 of those are killed by the disease annually. Deep fried red meat, lack of physical activities and exercise, pollution, and the use of tobacco are the leading causes of cancer in Afghanistan”, said H.E. Feroz,

WHO Afghanistan Representative Dr. Richard Peeperkorn congratulated the iconic singer Aryana Sayeed in becoming Afghanistan's goodwill ambassador of cancer awareness campaign, "wish that with your beautiful voice, you will be instrumental to assist us in this important cause to bring more awareness to cancer prevention, treatment and care in Afghanistan," said Dr. Peeperkorn. 


The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has established three clinics, providing diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the country. However, the ministry stressed that prevention of cancer by a healthy lifestyle that would greatly help avoid cancer in the first place are easiest and the cheapest interventions. 


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Sources: Central Statistics office, Afghanistan National health Accounts, Afghanistan Living Conditions Survey, Afghanistan mortality survey. 

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