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Situation report, September 2018

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Updates, September 2018

  • During the first half of September 2018, around 120 000 people were newly displaced from rural areas of Badghis to Qala-e-Naw due to ongoing drought. The number of people displaced due to the drought is currently more than 250 000 in the western region.
  • There are insufficient resources across all sectors of aid in Badghis among all partners.
  • The number of people displaced by conflict in Afghanistan is 250 000 in 2018.
  • In September 2018, there was a total of 98 outbreaks, including 90 outbreaks of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, and in addition 3 dog bites, 2 food poisonings, 1 case of malaria and 2 measles.
  • Top two communicable diseases in the country during September 2018 were 396 804 cases of acute respiratory infection (cough and cold and pneumonia) and 273 372 cases of acute diarrhoeal diseases.
  • During September 2018, 16 incidents of attacks on health care were reported including closure and/or damage of 7 health facilities, 3 ambulances taken and one health worker killed.
  • Internal population movement due to drought, seasonal change, insecurity and returnees from Pakistan and Islamic Republic of Iran placed an increasing demand on health services. 
  • Three new polio cases were reported.
  • The Health Cluster provided for 119 769 beneficiaries in maternal health, trauma care, immunization and psychosocial support in September. 
  • A total of 99 117 people returned to Afghanistan, of whom 95 227 were from Islamic Republic of Iran and 3890  from Pakistan.

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Key health-related statistics

Population (m) 29.7
Health expenditure (% of GDP) 9.5
Adult (15+) literacy rate (%) 34.8
Life expectancy at birth F/M (2010) 63.2-63.6

Sources: Central Statistics office, Afghanistan National health Accounts, Afghanistan Living Conditions Survey, Afghanistan mortality survey. 

Framework for health information systems and core indicators for monitoring health situation and health system performance, 2018

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