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Annual report of the Regional Director for the year 2017
Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean

Programme Budget 2020-2021
Ms Janna Riisager, Chief, Budget and Resource Coordination

Advancing universal health coverage
Dr Zafar Ullah Mirza, Director, Health System Development

Promoting health and well-being
Dr Maha El-Adawy Director, Health Protection and Promotion

Optimizing WHO’s performance: countries at the centre
Mr Hatem El Khodary, Director, Administration and Finance

Protecting people from the impact of health emergencies
Dr Dalia Samhouri, Programme Area Manager, Country Health Emergency Preparedness and IHR

Development of a draft global action plan on the health of refugees and migrants
Dr Michel J. Thieren, Director, Health Emergencies Programme

Draft WHO global strategy on health, environment and climate change
Dr A. Basel Al-Yousfi, Director, Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action

Development of the road map on access to medicines and vaccines
Dr Rana Hajjeh, Director Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control