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WHO regarding the recent raid on Ramallah governmental hospital

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The World Health Organization notes with great concern the reports of the raid on the Ramallah Governmental Hospital by the Israeli occupation forces at 2:00 am on 10 July 2008.

Such an incursion on health care service delivery has grave implications, and further complicates the work of the health sector, and medical professionals in particular as they strive to fulfil their mission in an already complex situation. The persisting crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory continues to have a severe impact, not only on the social and economic life of the Palestinian people but also on their health status and access to health care services.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly affirmed the need to guarantee universal coverage of health services and preserve the functions of the health services, regardless of any political considerations or military conflict.

The Organization reminds the occupying power of the necessity to comply with international humanitarian law, and requests it to shoulder its responsibilities in that regard in order to safeguard the right of the Palestinian people to physical and mental health care services. This includes the basic principle laid down in the Constitution of the World Health Organization affirming that “the health of all peoples is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security”.