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About the programme

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The Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean’s media and communications programme promotes a regional visual identity for WHO and enhances the organization’s image by producing region-specific advocacy and communication materials.

The programme provides technical support to country offices and collaborates with ministries of health to raise awareness and provide key messages on local and regional public health issues, events, health campaigns and activities.

In times of emergencies, the programme works with responsible technical programmes to promote public awareness through the production of critical health messages, advocacy materials and multimedia products.

To enhance capacity-building, the programme organizes training workshops for communication officers from WHO and relevant ministries of health, and also hosts media workshops and events for media professionals in the Region.

The programme organizes annual health days, a regional public health campaign for World Health Day, and produces advocacy materials for many other campaigns and events that are co-organized with technical programmes.

The programme enhances a network with a pool of partners including sister United Nations agencies, academia, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders.

To ensure that WHO’s work on a regional level is promoted to as wide an audience as possible, the programme is also responsible for establishing the Regional Office’s social media policy, and oversees its pages on Twitter and Facebook.