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Cholera situation in Somalia, February 2017

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  • Cholera_in_Somalia_February_2017Read February's update on the cholera situation in SomaliaDuring the month of February 2017, the rise in the number of cases of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera was significant – from 3113 cases and 47 deaths in January to 4621 cases and 138 deaths in February.
  • Acute watery diarrhoea/cholera cases and deaths were reported from 38 districts in the south central region and 4 districts in Puntland. The most affected regions in the south central include Bay, Banadir, Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle. In Puntland, the most affected districts include Basasso, Galgdogob, Galkayo and Jiriiban.
  • Of the 4603 acute watery diarrhoea/cholera cases reported during this reporting month, 45.7% were women, while 38.8% were children under 5 years of age.
  • Out of 24 stool samples tested, 15 were positive for Vibrio cholerae 0139, serotype Ogawa. Samples were collected from different treatment centres and analysed at Mogadishu reference laboratory.
  • In 2017, a cumulative 7734 cases and 183 deaths (CFR 2.4%) have been recorded in all districts  affected by cholera outbreak. Most of the cholera- affected communities across all districts have limited access to clean water. Some of these districts are severely affected by the current drought which began in October 2016.
  • Surveillance data show that the acute watery diarrhoea/cholera outbreak has spread to new districts or regions affected by drought in South central and Puntland.

Update on the cholera situation in Somalia, February 2017