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Cholera situation in Somalia, 31 July 2016

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  • Cholera_outbreak_in_Somalia_infographicAs of 30 July 2016, a total number of 13 055 suspected cases cholera, including 491 deaths (case–fatality rate 3.7%), have been reported in 25 districts in the south and central regions of Somalia. Of these, 6178 (47.3%) are female and 7549 (58%) are children below 5 years of age. Of the 97 stool samples collected from different sites, 45 (46%) of them tested positive for Vibrio cholera serotypes Inaba and Ogawa.
  • As shown in the EPI curve, the number of cholera cases and cholera deaths reported have decreased over the past two weeks. As shown on the map, new cases have also been reported in Belet hawo, Beletweyne, Buloburte, Buurweyn, Qoryoley, Shalanbod and Janale.
  • Uncontrolled population movement, flooding, poor access to water and sanitation, poor hygienic behaviour and limited access to health services have contributed to the spread of the cholera epidemic.

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