Health promotion in the media | Course curriculum

Course curriculum

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The training consists of a 2-week course that combines knowledge-building sessions on journalism and public health issues, as well as practical project-building sessions.  

At the end of the 2-week course, participants will acquire the following knowledge and competencies:

  • public health priorities in their country 
  • international media ethics and standards 
  • planning and developing a story
  • interview skills and techniques
  • understanding and humanizing numbers
  • researching and verifying data
  • understanding and using social media. 

Following the course, participants will undergo distance mentoring for 3 months, during which time they will work with their mentors to complete a number of assignments. 

After successfully completing the course and mentoring period, eligible participants will graduate and become part of a network of health journalists in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Participant testimonials

The health experts and media professionals taking part in this training programme have one common goal: to make sure that information provided to the public is accurate and relevant, and allows people to make informed choices and decisions related to their health. 

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