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Polio eradication staff support COVID-19 response

covid-trainingPolio staff conduct COVID-19 awareness training in Gadap, Pakistan. Photo: WHO/Pakistan

April 2020 – Using the vast infrastructure developed to identify the poliovirus and deliver vaccination campaigns, the polio eradication programme is pitching in to protect the vulnerable from COVID-19, especially in polio-endemic countries. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as worldwide, the programme is drawing on years of experience fighting outbreaks to support governments as they respond to the new virus.

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Global Polio Eradication Initiative Statement on COVID-19


Mitigating the threat of poliovirus importation to Sudan

12 December 2019 -- The World Health Organization and national health authorities in Sudan are scaling up efforts to reduce the risk of poliovirus transmission to the country. Sudan borders...

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Tracking the poliovirus in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

12 November 2019 -- In a rapidly expanding megacity, amongst conflict or in mountainous border areas, how does the polio programme deduce where the virus is hiding? To eradicate the poliovirus,...

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In focus

Drawing a line under the “unfinished business” of polio

Dr Hamid Jafari, Director of the Polio Eradication Programme in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, calls for determination as we tackle the last hurdles to eradication 24 October 2019 – As the...

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Considering Primary Immune Deficiency in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

20 February 2020 – In line with the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) recommendation and the Global Strategic Surveillance Action Plan 2018-2020, WHO EMRO and GPEI partners conducted the...

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Wild polio cases by country in the Region for 2019 - 2020


P1 Total



29 29


146 146

Total 2019

175 175



3 3


37 37

Total 2020 (up to 5 April 2020)

40 40

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