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Polio comes on top of discussions during 59th session of the Regional Committee on 1 October 2012Polio comes on top of discussions during 59th session of the Regional Committee on 1 October 2012Since the initiation of the regional polio eradication programme, the response of all Member States to polio eradication has been extraordinary. Even the least developed countries have contributed to reaching this goal. The contributions of many partners, especially in the acceleration phase, have been of tremendous value.

Several initiatives have been adopted in the Region to ensure the continued commitment of national authorities at all levels to reach all children in the Region with oral polio vaccine and coverage with effective surveillance activities, as well as preparation for eventual certification of polio eradication.

The Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean follows developments closely and has adopted the required resolutions to maintain the necessary efforts until polio eradication is achieved.

Although the programme in some countries is facing difficulties due to natural and manmade disasters, everyone is fully confident that polio will be eradicated.


38 confirmed polio cases with 765 000 Syrian children in hard-to-reach areas Amman/ Cairo, 22 July 2014 – In a report released today, WHO and UNICEF announced completion of the first...

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Leading international Islamic scholars unite to protect children from polio paralysis

Pakistan, 15 June 2014 – An International Ulama Conference on Polio Eradication has taken place co-organized by the Islamic Development Bank and the International Islamic Fiqh Academy. The conference was held in Islamabad,...

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21 June 2014 – Iraq’s Minister of Health of the Kurdistan region Dr Rekawt Rashed Karim and WHO’s Representative in Iraq Dr Syed Jaffar Hussain have agreed to launch a...

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In focus

The "WHO/UNICEF Strategic plan for polio outbreak response in the Middle East" outlines the specific actions that will need to be implemented across the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon,...

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First Islamic Advisory Group (IAG) meeting on polio eradication

The First Islamic Advisory Group (IAG) meeting and Executive Board meeting was held from 25 to 28 February, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The meeting was attended by the International Islamic...

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World Polio Day, 24 October 2013

Partners, governments, civil society and communities worldwide are today marking World Polio Day, as efforts to eradicate this disease once and for all are being intensified. In 2013, there are...

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