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Polio outbreak in Syria successfully stopped

Children being vaccinated against polioChildren being vaccinated against polio. WHO Syria.2 December 2018 – The polio outbreak of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) detected in 2017 in Syria has been successfully stopped, with no international spread, according to experts.

An official outbreak response assessment, comprising experts in global public health, virology and epidemiology, reviewed all available surveillance and immunization evidence from the past 18 months, and conducted first-hand field visits to the affected areas, including the epicentre of the outbreak, Deir Ez-Zor. The group concluded that the outbreak could now be closed

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On the frontlines of polio eradication, women bring a little extra

8 March 2019 – Across the Eastern Mediterranean Region, efforts to stamp out vaccine-derived polio outbreaks and interrupt transmission of wild poliovirus depend on the hard work of hundreds of thousands...

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Sudan’s surveillance system for polio put under the microscope

Searching for gaps 8 February 2018 – As the world inches closer towards a polio-free future, finding and closing remaining gaps in national health system capacities to pick up traces of the...

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A life pursuing eradication

Mohamed Shire, a polio eradication expert from Somalia, speaks about lessons from a life tirelessly working to eradicate first smallpox, then polio

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Islamic Advisory Group for polio eradication concludes its fifth annual meeting with renewed commitment to end polio and expand its mandate to other health priorities

26 November 2018 – The Islamic Advisory Group (IAG) concluded its fifth annual meeting on 14 November 2018, reaffirming its renewed commitment to continue supporting the Global Polio Eradication Initiative,...

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Wild polio cases by country in the Region for 2017–2018


P1 Total



14 14


8 8

Total 2017

22 22



21 21


12 12

Total 2018

33 33



10 10


41 41

Total 2019 (up to 7 July 2019)

51 51

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