Patient safety

Patient_home_page_imageGlobally, it is widely accepted that 10% of inpatient admissions are associated with adverse events. In the Eastern Mediterranean Region, up to 18% of hospital admissions are associated with adverse events and about 3% of hospital admissions are associated with an adverse event that is severe enough to cause death or permanent disability. 83% of recorded adverse events are judged to be preventable.

The WHO Regional Office patient safety programme provides tools and training for nationals and technical support to national capacity-building, education, advocacy and awareness-raising programmes. The programme aims to ensure that the patient's voice is heard and that the community is actively involved in patient safety programmes. The programme also aims to shed light on the magnitude of the patient safety problem and to liaise with relevant counterparts and policy-makers to take actions for improvement.

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February 2019 – Oman is showing regional leadership in the Eastern Mediterranean Region by adopting the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative to improve the safety of health care in public...

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5 May 2016 – Are you a hospital or health care facility wanting to improve infection control? If so, register your interest now! Hospitals and health-care facilities throughout the world are invited to...

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In focus

As part of the major global effort to improve hand hygiene in health care, the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign every year asks people to share their photographs. In...

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SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2016

The subject of this year’s campaign is surgical site infections, with particular focus on ensuring clean hands from the moment the patient enters the hospital, through surgical preparation and post-operative...

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