Public health laboratories

laboratory_image_for_home_pageA credible and accessible laboratory service is a cornerstone of any country's capacity to investigate public health events. Credit: WHO/K. KelleherPublic health laboratories are responsible for providing timely and reliable results primarily for the purpose of disease control and prevention. They perform core public health and environmental activities including public health reference tests, disease prevention, control, and surveillance, population-based interventions, and communication with healthcare providers on appropriate patient care, and emergency response efforts.

Well-functioning and sustainable laboratory services are essential for strong health systems and crucial for improving public health. The public health laboratories unit of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean technically assists countries in the Region in implementing the WHO’s frameworks, tools and expertise to inform and support health authorities in strengthening their laboratory capacity, quality, safety and security. This is done through the development of national policies and strategies, coupled with sustainable training programmes, in line with WHOs’ global vision on laboratory quality.

Blood safety, laboratory and imaging


The WHO Regional Office convened a meeting of directors of national blood transfusion services in the Eastern Mediterranean Region from 17 to 19 May 2016 in Casablanca, Morocco. The objectives of...

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Efforts to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic have underscored the fragile and neglected nature of some national health laboratories in Africa. In response, national and international partners and various governments have...

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In focus

The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean convened a regional consultation on the availability and safety of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies from 15 to 16 May 2016. The objectives...

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Participants from nine countries in the Region have completed the first Professional Certificate Programme in Laboratory Leadership and Management. The programme participants and their mentors are from clinical and public...

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