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Timeline of the Syrian crisis: 6 lives affected by 6 years of war

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Six years of crisis in Syria have taken a dramatic toll on the health of the Syrian people and the health system that serves them. Since the beginning of the conflict, WHO has been working with health authorities and partners to ensure that critical care is available to those who need it most. Much has been done to help Syrians affected by the conflict, including the provision of medical treatments and supplies, trauma care, mental health care, and vaccinations for children against deadly diseases. WHO and its health partners have spared no effort to reach people in hard-to-reach and besieged areas through cross-border and cross-line operations. The role of local Syrian nongovernmental organizations has been paramount in the health response to date.

WHO stands alongside the Syrian people, and continues to advocate for access to all parts of the country and provide essential, life-saving health care. However, year by year, thousands of lives are lost, and millions more are destroyed, not just due to the violence, but as people become victims of a failing health system that can no longer provide them with the health services they need to stay alive.

Below are the stories of 6 people whose lives have been changed by the war in Syria.