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WHO-supported health teams provide services to people from Al-Mokha district, Taizz governorateWHO-supported health teams provide services to people from Al-Mokha district, Taizz governorateConflict in Al-Mokha City, Taizz governorate

27 January–2 February 2017 

  • 22 000 people are affected by intense fighting in Al-Mokha City in Taizz governorate. More than 8000 people have fled to Al-Hudaydah and Taizz governorate to escape, while thousands more remain trapped and caught in the crossfire.
  • WHO has deployed a rapid response team to districts receiving internally displaced persons from Al-Mokha City to identify the most urgent health needs.
  • WHO has dispatched a mobile medical team to deliver primary health services in affected districts in Al-Hudaydah governorate and delivered 3 trauma kits sufficient for 300 surgical interventions to the main hospitals in Bait Al-Fakeeh, Zebeed and Hays districts.

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Total population (000s) 25 235
Total health expenditure (% of general government expenditure) 3.9
Primary health care units and centres (per 10 000 population) 1.5
Life expectancy 64.0

Source: Country statistical profiles 2016

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