Yemen | News | WHO responds to health needs of populations fleeing conflict in Al-Mokha City in Taizz governorate, Yemen

WHO responds to health needs of populations fleeing conflict in Al-Mokha City in Taizz governorate, Yemen

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Child_immunizedSana’a, 12 February 2017 — As violent conflict continues in Al-Mokha City in Taizz governorate, Yemen, more than more than 8000 internally displaced persons have fled to several districts of Al-Hudaydah governorate. WHO teams in the governorate are providing trauma care and primary health care services to newly displaced persons, and delivering medicines and supplies to health facilities.

“Hundreds of families have found themselves homeless overnight, many in need to urgent health care. As the influx continues, WHO teams in Al-Hudaydah governorate are on high alert, working to meet the needs of these people, including women, children and the elderly who are most vulnerable if exposed to life-threatening health risks,” said Dr Nevio Zagaria, WHO Acting Representative in Yemen.

New arrivals to Al-Hudaydah are overwhelming already weakened health facilities and overburdening vulnerable host communities. Many displaced families are hosted in cramped accommodation, while others are living in empty buildings and open spaces. As a result of limited health services in their areas of origin, newly displaced persons are now increasingly prone to upper respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, eye infections and pneumonia. Cholera cases have already been recorded in Al-Hudaydah and this new influx of displaced persons may aggravate the problem, especially with limited safe water and latrines. Malaria and dengue transmission are also ongoing in the governorate placing internally displaced persons at increased risk, especially with the spread of mosquitos in districts where newly displaced persons are being hosted. 

Man_treated_for_skin_diseaseA WHO-supported mobile medical team has been deployed to affected districts in Al-Hudaydah governorate to deliver primary health services to newly displaced families and host communities. WHO has also delivered medicines and supplies to functioning health facilities sufficient to cover primary health care needs for 20 000 beneficiaries for 3 months. To ensure medical care for injured civilians, WHO has deployed a surgical team to Hays hospital in Al-Hudaydah to support trauma care services, and has provided trauma kits sufficient for 400 surgical interventions to 4 main hospitals.

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Source: Framework for health information systems and core indicators for monitoring health situation and health system performance, 2018

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