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Workshop on neglected tropical diseases concludes in Sana’a, Yemen


Sana’a 6 August 2017— The World Health Organization (WHO) has held a workshop on neglected tropical diseases bringing together 30 participants from the Yemeni health authorities and academia.

Participants in the 3-day workshop reviewed the current spread of neglected tropical diseases across the country, discussed challenges and identified the key public health interventions required to control and eliminate these diseases.

The workshop will inform the development of a master plan for neglected tropical diseases in Yemen, a key reference document highlighting national policies to address the burden of neglected tropical diseases. The master plan aims to guide action and coordination and to serve as a fundraising platform.

Yemen is affected by several neglected tropical diseases. The health staff and experts who participated in the workshop are working on a wide range of conditions such as leprosy, trachoma, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, leishmaniasis, rabies, dengue, chikungunya and scabies. The 30-month-long conflict in Yemen has resulted in an increase in the spread of some neglected tropical diseases such as rabies, leishmaniasis and dengue, and has created additional challenges in implementing control measures. 

Over the past 10 years, the local health authorities, with support from WHO, have strengthened their commitment to addressing the major neglected tropical diseases affecting the people of Yemen and have implemented public health interventions to this effect. Notably, large-scale treatment for schistosomiasis has been carried out regularly since 2008 and has contributed to major reductions in the burden of the parasitic disease.