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Tobacco control


Tobacco use in Yemen

Smoking is common in Yemen. Data from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey found an 'ever smoked' prevalence of 10.6% for girls and 19.8% for boys aged 13–15 years. A random sample of adults in Sana'a found a figure of 34.45%. Another survey of university students found rates of 25% for male students and 12% for female students. Cigarette smoking sometimes occurs during qat sessions. Shisha (waterpipe) use has also increased, including among young people.

Tobacco control legislation

Yemen has ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and has passed national tobacco control legislation. Implementation guidelines have been prepared. Smoking is now banned on all airlines, public transport and in several government buildings including the Ministry of Public Health and Population. Tobacco advertisements are prohibited in all media and on public billboards.

WHO tobacco control programme

The objectives of the WHO tobacco control programme in Yemen are to:

reduce smoking prevalence by 2% over the next 5 years

reduce the incidence of smoking among young people

ban smoking in public areas, including public transport.

WHO works closely with the Ministry of Public Health and Population to ensure the implementation of tobacco control legislation. Each biennium, support is directed towards specific areas of the law. The WHO Regional Office also provides technical support in implementing tobacco use surveys and for capacity building.

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