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WHO delivers medicines and medical supplies to Al-Qamishli to support Ar-Raqqa response


Trucks loaded with around 30 tons of medical supplies provided by WHO reached Al-Qamishli safely todayTrucks loaded with around 30 tons of medical supplies provided by WHO reach Al-Qamishli 

2 August 2017, Damascus, Syria – For the first time in 3 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has delivered almost 30 tons of medicines and medical supplies by road to health facilities and mobile clinics in Al-Qamishli. The supplies, sufficient for 150 000 treatments, arrived in Al-Qamishli on 1 August and will support the delivery of health services to displaced people from Ar-Raqqa, rural Deir Ez-zor and Al-Hassakeh governorates in the northern and eastern regions of Syria. 

“The reopening of the road to Al-Qamishli has facilitated smooth delivery of medical supplies from Damascus, Lattakia and Aleppo. This has enabled WHO to reach more people in the northern regions of Syria with urgently needed medicines,” said Ms Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Representative in Syria. 

Since 2014, deliveries of medical supplies by road could not be achieved due to intense conflict and besiegement of the areas. 

“The plan is to continue regular medical deliveries to strengthen the health response, particularly for injured, critically ill patients and people with chronic diseases. WHO is scaling up its support to meet the health needs of internally displaced people in camps in Al-Hassakeh, Ain Issa, Tabqa, Journiyeh, Tal Abyad, Al-Karama and Suluk areas in Ar-Raqqa governorate,” added Hoff.

Since the beginning of 2017, WHO has delivered more than 7 million treatments across Syria in close cooperation with local health authorities and NGO partners. 

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