Mental health

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Mental health and psychosocial issues represent one of the most significant public health challenges across the occupied Palestinian territory. WHO supported the Ministry of Health in developing the National Mental Health Strategy which aims at integrating mental health services into primary health care, enhancing the emergency response and scaling up community mental health services.

WHO is leading the Building Palestinian resilience: Improving psychosocial and mental health responses to emergency situations project. The project succeeded in integrating mental health services into primary health care facilities at UNRWA and the Ministry of Health clinics in Gaza and the West Bank through the Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP), and trained almost 600 general practitioners and nurses. In addition, WHO supported the development of mental health emergency response plan for Gaza and trained emergency mental health teams and provided supplies to cover 90% of the Ministry of Health essential list of psychotropic drugs.

WHO also provides support to the development of the Day Care Centre in Gaza Psychiatric Hospital, the Bethlehem psychiatric hospital rehabilitation program, the School Mental Health Programme and counsellors in Gaza and East Jerusalem.