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Health mapping: health facilities database

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Health mapping to support health system development has become an increasingly important mechanism. Health mapping is essential for managers, planners and practitioners from both governmental and nongovernmental organizations, as well as for researchers and academics. The importance of health mapping lies in the production of interactive and published maps that link the geography of communities with other dimensions such as availability and accessibility of health services, or disease prevention and control services.

Mapping health facilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including the six East Jerusalem Hospitals, was first conducted in 2002 by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with WHO. The database was further modified and updated in 2009–2010 and made available with interactive online maps. The health facilities database summarized:

  • geographical distribution of health facilities by districts and localities
  • types of services provided
  • availability of human resources and specialties
  • availability of equipment
  • activity reports of hospitals for 2007 and 2008.

Health facilities database 2012–2013

WHO is currently working with the Ministry of Health in updating the health facilities database in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to be implemented under the Joint Programme Governance Workplan (2012–2013). The application of the geographic information system for health mapping will have a major role in health planning. Specifically, the database will support decision-makers in identifying the availability of, and accessibility to, health services, and proximity of the populations to primary and secondary health care services. Additional information on the availability and distribution of human resources, equipment and infrastructure will enable planners at the various levels to plan for the future needs and priorities of health facilities in the various districts. Similar to previous years, the database will be available online with interactive maps in addition to published maps. 

West Bank health facilities 2010

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