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Polio eradication strategies

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Strategies adopted in the Eastern Mediterranean Region for polio eradication are the same as the global strategies, they include:

High levels of routine immunization

Supplementary immunization activities


Mop-up campaigns

Care for post-polio paralysis

WHO’s work with partners

Local access negotiators and the International Committee of the Red Cross made it possible to access areas affected by insecurity. Previously unaccessible communities were reached in all vaccinations rounds from January to September 2012.

AusAID work in Afghanistan

Indicators and information

Wild polio cases by country in the Region for 2013–2014 (Week 42 ending 19 October 2014)




Afghanistan 14 14
Pakistan 93 93
Somalia 194 194
Syria 35 35
Total 2013 336 336
Afghanistan 12 12
Iraq 2 2
Pakistan 210 210
Somalia 5 5
Syria 1 1

Total 2014



Polio Fax issues

Middle East Polio Technical Bulletin

Surveillance indicators

Supplementary immunization activities

Routine immunization
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