Measles | Disease burden

Disease burden

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The disease is a serious problem with a high mortality (10%) with malnutrition being an important factor. In temperate zone most cases of measles occur during winter and early spring. The incidence of measles increases during dry seasons in tropical zones. 

In 2000, measles was estimated to cause approximately 31 to 39.9 million illnesses worldwide with an estimated 733,000 to 777,000 deaths, making it the fifth most common cause of death in children under 5 years of age.  

Of these cases and deaths an estimated of 96 000 deaths due to measles were accounted In Eastern Mediterranean Region. By 2008, measles deaths had decreased to 7000 deaths from 96 000 in 2000 a reduction of 93%.  In 2011, the number of confirmed measles cases decreased from about 88 000 in 1998 to 11 295.