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Mass polio immunization campaign aims to reach 3 million children in Syria

UNICEF and WHO appeal for improved access to children

DAMASCUS, Syria, 18 October 2015 – A 5-day nationwide immunization campaign began today in Syria today aiming to vaccinate 3 million children against polio.   

The current campaign is part of a comprehensive response to the polio outbreak in October 2013. 15 mass vaccination campaigns reaching on average 2.9 million children each round were carried out since. No new cases have been reported since January 2014.  

The campaign is jointly organized by the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and local partners, including the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. It aims to reach children under the age of 5 across the country, including those who were displaced. The vaccination will take place at fixed clinics and in areas where conflict is heavy vaccinators will go house to house.  

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