Occupied Palestinian territory

  WHO Special Situation Report, Gaza, oPt, 1-31 July 2019 

Injured child Injured child is beng provided with emergency pre-hospital care at a TSP in Gaza. Credit: WHO

  • From 01 to 31 July 2019, two Palestinians were killed and 589 were injured.

    According to the MoH, since the start of the demonstrations in Gaza, 315 people have been killed, including 62 children, and 33,523 injured. WHO was able to verify patients records of 30,724 injured people and 315 deaths. 7,381 people have suffered from gunshot wounds, of which 6,437 (87%) presented limb wounds.

    In July 49% out of the essential medications were reported at less than one-month supply at the MoH Central Drug Store (CDS); out of which 90% were completely depleted.

    The electricity situation has improved given the efforts to connect the grid lines to nine out of the 14 public hospitals. These hospitals now have access to up to 22 hours of electricity every day. 

    In order to respond to the growing health needs in Gaza, the Health Cluster requires a total of $ 28.2 million. Out of this, $ 16.2 million has been received, leaving a funding gap of $ 12 million. Further information can be found here: https://bit.ly/2HWPjwz . An additional $1.5 million is required to ensure the minimum needed resources are available to prepare for and respond to the first 96 hours of a potential escalation.

    The Health Cluster oPt Humanitarian Response Plan, requires $32 million USD and 43% has been funded by the end of July 2019. A breakdown reveals over $ 12 million USD allocated for Gaza and approximately $1.2 million USD for the West Bank.

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