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Situation report update, 27 August 2014

Two young internally displaced children walk across the sand carrying few belongings27 August 2014 - Blocked roads between Anbar governorate’s cities and districts are hampering humanitarian efforts to provide basic needs of food, drinking-water and health supplies. Shortages in electricity, fuel, and chlorine for water sterilization are further impacting the living conditions of internally displaced persons in the governorate.

In Salah El Din governorate, health facilities are reporting shortages in electricity, water, health supplies and health personnel. Five out of nine hospitals are non-functional.

The national polio immunization campaign from 4 to 14 August was unable to cover Sinjar district due to insecurity, lack of qualified health personnel and the absence of electricity required to maintain the vaccine cold chain.

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Saudi Arabia supports WHO's response to the Iraq crisis

18 August, 2014, Erbil - Humanitarian health services in Iraq have received a much-needed boost through a $US 50 million grant provided by Saudi Arabia to WHO for its response to the health crisis facing millions of people affected by the ongoing conflict.

The recent upsurge in violence, massive population movement, and presence of over 250 000 Syrian refugees in northern Iraq is straining an already beleaguered health system. The donation from Saudi Arabia, the largest ever humanitarian contribution to WHO for a specific crisis, enables WHO to scale up its response to disease outbreaks, malnutrition, medicine shortages and overburdened hospitals and clinics.

Humanitarian health care providers will tackle medical complications resulting from malnutrition by providing targeted support to 350 000 people, including children under the age of five, pregnant and lactating women and patients suffering from severe malnutrition,” says Dr Syed Jaffar Hussain, WHO’s Representative to Iraq.

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  • Situation report update, 27 August 2014
    Situation report update, 27 August 2014
  • Saudi Arabia supports WHO's response to the Iraq crisis


WHO provides urgently needed health supplies to internally displaced populations in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq, 5 July – The World Health Organization has provided medicines and medical supplies for more than 170 000 beneficiaries in areas affected by the recent crisis in Iraq....

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WHO's response to the crisis in Iraq

WHO has provided medicines to Dohuk Directorate of Health sufficient for 60 000 internally displaced persons for one month.  Medicines were also delivered to Sinjar through the International Committee of the...

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