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e-Publications – Eastern Mediterranean Region series

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The e-Publications series is an e-publishing initiative of the Regional Office. The series makes health and biomedical science information easily accessible for Member States, development partners, interested agencies and individuals worldwide. The availability of electronic publishing and dissemination of health information products on CD-ROM/DVD enhances equity of access to health information in the Region and beyond, in particular, for those countries which lack adequate internet access. 

The main objectives of the e-Publications series are to:

expand the open access initiative for health information products for Member States regionally and worldwide

increase efficiency and cut costs in producing and distributing information products

promote awareness of the activities of the Regional Office, in particular, and of WHO, in general

strengthen and support e-health activities in the Region

promote environmentally-friendly distribution of information products

support implementation of the regional strategy for knowledge management and sharing in organizing, mapping and sharing up-to-date and valid health information products.

The e-Publications series is a means for sharing and disseminating health knowledge with policy-makers and health care personnel in the Region, including decision-makers, planners, health professionals, health workers and medical librarians. In itself it will also promote greater use of electronic publishing tools and approaches in the Region.

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal cumulative issues 1995–2009

The Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal (EMHJ) is available on a CD containing a fully searchable bibliographic database by keywords, title, author, subject with off-line access to the full text of more 1000 articles from 1995 to 2009.

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal (EMHJ)

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Publications of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean: 26 years of health knowledge

Publications of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean: 26 years of health knowledge is the second in the e-Publications, Eastern Mediterranean Region Series on DVD. It includes a fully searchable bibliographic database with off-line access to the full text of 634 publications of the WHO Regional Office, published between 1985 and 2010. This digital library brings together 26 years of Regional Office health information products, some of which are no longer available in print. It covers 75 health topics related to the major health issues in the Region and includes in monographs, training materials, technical documents, reports, guidelines and advocacy publications in Arabic, English and French. The aim of this series is to improve the accessibility and availability of regional health information products for all health workers, researchers and professionals of the health sector.

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 Weekly epidemiological monitor: cumulative issues 2008-2011

The Weekly Epidemiological Monitor provides a weekly summary of current public health events of potential concern, including epidemics from emerging infectious diseases, which are reported from the countries of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. It briefly describes the nature, type and place of occurrence of these public health events in the Region, and provides analysis of the public health threats involved, risk of international spread, and recommended public health interventions for effective response and mitigation. The Weekly Epidemiological Monitor is targeted at members of the public health profession, academia and medical universities, interested nongovernmental organizations, WHO collaborating centres, United Nations agencies and other interested individuals within and outside the Region. This compilation comprises the cumulative issues for 2008–2011.

Weekly epidemiological monitor: cumulative issues 2008-2011 

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En 2011, le Bureau régional OMS de la Méditerranée orientale a édité 96 publications, dont :

29 en arabe

46 en anglais

21 en français

Le nombre total de revues scientifiques indexées par l'Index Medicus pour la Région de la Méditerranée orientale est de 523.

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