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29 Janvier 2019

Dr Al-Lawati from Oman receives RD’s special award for 2018

29 January 2019 – WHO selected Dr Jawad Al-Lawati, Senior Consultant at the Ministry of Health in Oman to receive the Regional Director’s Special Award for 2018 at a regional workshop in Oman from 21 to 23 January 2019. The award was handed over to Dr Al-Lawati by H.E. Dr...

17 Décembre 2018

Saudi Arabia adopts plain packaging on tobacco products: A groundbreaking step for tobacco control

17 December 2018 – The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has informed manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to get ready for applying plain packaging on all forms of tobacco products. This step was done in close collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, and in line...

13 Juin 2018

Professor Masjedi from Iran receives World No Tobacco Day 2018 award

11 June 2018 – WHO selected Professor Mohammad Reza Masjedi Secretary-General of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association and Tobacco Control Research as one of six winners of the World No Tobacco Day award for 2018, initiated by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. The award was handed over by Dr Christoph...

24 Juillet 2017

Mise en œuvre de la Convention-cadre OMS pour la lutte antitabac et des mesures MPOWER pour la réduction de la consommation de tabac

25 juillet 2017 – Le tabagisme est une épidémie qui tue plus de 7 millions de personnes par an dans le monde. Dans la Région de la Méditerranée orientale, 38 % des hommes et 4 % des femmes (21 % des adultes en moyenne) fument du tabac. Dans certains de...

23 Juillet 2017

Tobacco scenes in films and TV programmes should be rated as they entice young people to smoke

15 July 2017 – Children and young people are regularly exposed to scenes in which celebrities, even those known to be non-smokers, are shown unnecessarily smoking or holding unlit cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, giving the message that they are deliberately promoting tobacco. The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on...

20 Juillet 2017

Note consultative sur le tabagisme par pipe à eau : seconde édition

20 juillet 2017 – Le tabagisme par pipe à eau (ou chicha) augmente partout dans le monde, et sa prévalence est surtout marquée dans la Région de la Méditerranée orientale. Les jeunes sont particulièrement exposés au risque. Le tabagisme peut concerner jusqu’à 42 % des garçons et 31 % des...