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Second regional malaria elimination training course

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A second regional training course on malaria elimination is being held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 3 to 13 November 2014. This course is being conducted to build the capacity of human resources who can plan and implement malaria elimination interventions in countries aiming to eliminate malaria, as well as in areas where the burden of malaria has been reduced and the control programme is reoriented towards elimination.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • describe the epidemiological bases for malaria control and elimination
  • describe the basic principles of malaria elimination in order to develop a national programme, or modify an existing programme, to eliminate malaria in a particular area
  • select control measures appropriate to the local situation and design approaches (strategies) to achieve the objectives
  • conduct a feasibility assessment to weigh the different antimalarial programme options, including malaria elimination
  • write a plan for malaria elimination, including identification of activities, operational targets, evaluation methods and indicators.

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Dans la Région OMS de la Méditerranée orientale :

291 millions de personnes ont été exposées à un risque de paludisme en 2015, dont 111 millions à un risque élevé

L’incidence des cas estimés de paludisme a baissé de 11 % entre 2010  et 2015

Le taux estimé de mortalité due au paludisme a baissé de 6 % entre 2010 et 2015