Yemen | News | Yemen marks 2014 World Immunization Week

Yemen marks 2014 World Immunization Week

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Immunization_Week_in_YemenSana’a, 24 April 2014 — The Ministry of Public Health and Population along with WHO and UNICEF country offices celebrated on Thursday World Immunization Week 2014 under the slogan ‘Immunize for a healthy future’.

The event was attended by health sector officials, the Deputy Minister of Information and media people.

During the event, Dr Ahmed Qasem Al-Ansi, the Minister of Public Health and Population, said Yemen has come a long way with immunization programmes.

“What has been achieved recently is attributed to the health workers in the field and the concerted efforts of international partners such as WHO and UNICEF that have supported us in the most difficult situations,” he said.

Al-Ansi indicated that despite the success and progress of immunization programmes over the last year, there were still security and geographical difficulties facing immunization activities in some areas.

“The determination and steadfastness of field workers are behind every progress achieved,” he added.

In 2013, Yemen fulfilled unprecedented accomplishment as the coverage rates of the third dose of penta polio vaccination of the immunization coverage increased from 82% in 2012 to 88% in 2013. However, the ambition of the Ministry of Health and WHO is to reach greater achievement.

“We are aspiring to increase the rate of immunization converge to more than 90% by the end of 2014,” said Dr Osama Mere, the deputy representative of WHO country office.

“In Yemen, it was proved that the immunization is the most appropriate and effective health intervention to prevent several fatal diseases,” he said. “For instance, Yemen wouldn’t have been polio-free without immunization programmes.”

Yemen has launched the recent national immunization campaign against polio in the 7 April of this month targeting more than 4 800 000 children under the age of five.

Jeremy Hopkins, Deputy Representative of UNICEF country office, said that celebrating the World Immunization Week this year is exceptional.

“It comes amid growing awareness about immunization among people,” he said.

At the end of the event, Dr Osama Mere delivered a presentation about the Decade of Vaccines and Global Vaccine Action Plan in which the benefits of vaccines are extended to every person by 2020.

In Yemen, vaccination of measles, haemophilus influenza, pneumococcal and rota diseases would avert around 30% of child mortality.

Key health-related statistics

Total population (000s) 27 426
Total health expenditure (% of general government expenditure) 3.9
Primary health care units and centres (per 10 000 population) 1.6
Life expectancy 65.3

Source: Framework for health information systems and core indicators for monitoring health situation and health system performance, 2018

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