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منظمة الصحة العالمية
Organisation mondiale de la Santé

WHO responds to urgent health needs following clashes in Sana’a, Yemen


On 19 January, widespread, heavy clashes between Al-Houthis and the Presidential Guard erupted near the presidential palace in Sana’a, Yemen. According to the Ministry of Public Health, the clashes resulted in 15 deaths and 91 injuries, including civilians and members of the armed forces. Al-Quds Military Hospital was targeted by heavy shelling, resulting in injuries to three guards inside the building and damages to one ambulance. 

Immediately following the clashes, the Ministry of Public Health dispatched 14 ambulances to transfer the injured to near-by hospitals, and provided 20 units of blood from the central blood bank to Al-Quds Military Hospital. WHO and health partners responded to urgent health needs by providing life-saving trauma medicines and medical supplies to hospitals receiving injured patients.

WHO and the Ministry of Public Health are continuing to monitor the situation and will follow up with all hospitals in Sana’a for urgent needs, including medicines, medical supplies, health human resources and inter-hospital patient transfers.