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New life granted to family after cholera diagnosis and treatment


Basheer_with_his_children21 March 2017 – It was a shattering blow to Basheer Thabet from Sana’a, Yemen, when he learned that his eight children and wife tested positive for cholera in October. A cholera outbreak was officially announced in the country in October. 

Basheer’s children and wife were suffering from severe diarrhoea and vomiting. After being hospitalized and medically tested in Al-Thawra Hospital in Sana’a, Basheer received the most shocking news of his life - all his children and wife were infected by cholera. 

“I thought they were all going to die. At the time, I perceived cholera to be an incurable and fatal disease,” Basheer said. 

3-year-old_Yemeni_tripletsThe children, ranging from ages 13 years to 3 years and their mother, who was nine months pregnant at the time, were referred to the isolation section in Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sana’a. There, they received medical care and were later moved to the hospital’s newly rehabilitated diarrhoea treatment centre, established by WHO with support from the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. 

WHO has rehabilitated and fully equipped a total of 26 diarrhoeal treatment centres in affected governorates in Yemen to treat patients based on WHO case management, infection prevention and control standards. WHO also provided medicines and medical supplies, including oral rehydration solutions and IV fluids.                                                                         

“It took nearly 15 days until my children and wife recovered. These days were an absolute nightmare for me,” Basheer recalled. Three months after this experience, Basheer said that a new life was granted for him and his family.