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National health research strategy workshop


The Ministry of Public Health and Population with the cooperation of WHO Yemen concluded on 27 February a two-day workshop on the national health research strategy in Sana'a.

The workshop targeted 30 participants from different public sectors and international organizations with the aim of discussing the assessment of health policy and research priorities and the production of policy-relevant research studies in Yemen.

Dr Ahmed Al-Ansi, Minister of Public Health and Population, said that Yemen needs such strategies to evaluate the health situation correctly.

The participants discussed the problems and challenges of health research with international expert Dr Fadi El-Jardali, who provided the participants with approaches for developing the a health research strategy for the Ministry of Health.

The objective of health systems research, according to El-Jardali, is to promote the coverage, quality, efficiency and equity of health systems.

"In order for research to inform decision-making, it should be aligned with the needs of the larger community, particularly policy-makers," said El-Jardali during the workshop."

El-Jardali also provided the participants with strategies that will be used as basis for proposals and fundraising, and research priorities for the next 1–3 years to reach a consensus among researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders on a policy relevant health research strategy for the Ministry of Health.

Dr Osama Mere, Medical Officer at WHO Yemen, emphasized the importance of turning the strategies [discussed in the workshop] into clear and effective plans.

“These strategies should consider the limited resources of the country,” he added.

Dr Jamal Nasher, Deputy Minister of Health for Planning Sector, said that the Ministry is in need for research to be able to make long-term plans, stressing the importance of providing the Ministry with financial support for this purpose.