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World Tuberculosis Day 24 March 2013


Patients waiting for treatment at a TB centre in BerberaIn Somalia, the tuberculosis (TB) programme made tremendous progress in 2012, as a result of an increased effort in case detection, recording and reporting. Almost 13 000 TB cases were detected in the 68 TB centres in the country, with a treatment success rate of over 85%.

WHO support included intensive supervision and monitoring, as well as continuous capacity building that resulted in 511 health workers trained on TB case management. A pilot web-based reporting system was introduced to enhance TB case reporting.

A multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) survey, concluded in 2012, showed a resistance of 5.3% among new TB cases and 41% among previously treated cases. To continue MDR-TB monitoring, two GeneXpert machines have been installed in Mogadishu and Bosaaso. MDR-TB treatment guidelines, as well as recording and reporting forms, were developed as a part of the preparation for MDR-TB management that will be initiated in 2013.

World TB Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the burden of TB worldwide and the status of TB prevention and control efforts. It is also an opportunity to mobilize political and social commitment for further progress.

This year, 2013, is the second year of a two-year campaign for World TB Day, with the slogan “Stop TB in My Lifetime”. World TB Day provides the opportunity for affected persons, the communities in which they live, civil society organizations, health-care providers, and other partners to discuss and plan further collaboration to fulfill the promise of stopping TB in our lifetimes through advocacy and action.

WHO Regional Director's message on World TB Day 2013

World TB Day 2013