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منظمة الصحة العالمية
Organisation mondiale de la Santé

Situation report update, September 2014


The health sector is continuing to work to recover following the damages to health facilities, and lack of access for staff and patients during the period of July and August. More than 90% of health facilities are operating although some are with limited services due to damage. With the exception of five Ministry of Health clinics which were destroyed totally, all other Ministry of Health clinics and all UNRWA clinics are reported to have opened for patients in the past week, including six primary health care clinics that had been closed for security reasons throughout the hostilities. Challenges remain due to the long-standing shortages of electricity, essential medicines and medical supplies.

Of the 90 UNRWA schools which were being used as shelters for displaced persons, 64 have been evacuated as families have returned to their homes, or moved to the homes of relatives, rented accommodations or transferred to other shelters. The former shelters are being prepared for students for the start of the UNRWA academic year in Gaza delayed to start on September 14. 

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WHO thanks donors for aiding the Palestinian health system in Gaza and urges continued support for recovery interventions