Occupied Palestinian territory | News | Right to health in Gaza: humanitarian issues, June 2014

Right to health in Gaza: humanitarian issues, June 2014

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11 June 2014, Jerusalem – Access to health for 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza, 70% of whom are refugees, is dependent on a complex interrelation of social and political determinants, in which many parties, including foreign governments, play a role.

The impact of occupation accumulates on the health and well-being of the growing population, and more recent changes alter the context: the total closure and isolation of Gaza since 2007, the political split in the Palestinian Authority, and regional political changes which have reduced coping mechanisms. Other constraints are frequent periods of political crises, vulnerability to military attacks and unstable supply systems, arbitrary restrictions on movement of people and goods entering/exiting Gaza from Israel and Egypt, a weak public sector and aid dependency.  

Humanitarian needs are different in Gaza than in other crisis situations and responses should focus on both short-term and long-term interventions by all duty-bearers to eliminate barriers to health, especially relating to access.

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