Occupied Palestinian territory | News | Monitoring access to hospitals in East Jerusalem, September 2012

Monitoring access to hospitals in East Jerusalem, September 2012

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WHO's advocacy project monitors and reports on the humanitarian health access of palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to Jerusalem by examining the experiences of palestinians who applied for permits from israeli authorities, either to access health care or for work at the east Jerusalem hospitals. Who also monitors ambulance access into Jerusalem. Who has monitored referral access data in the West Bank since late 2011, analyzing trends in approval rates, reasons for denials and length of time to obtain responses to applications. Who also supports the east Jerusalem hospitals network in situations of denials or interruptions of access for staff and/or chronic patients. the function of the east Jerusalem hospitals depends on the ability of their West Bank staff, who constitute two-thirds of their total staff, to obtain permits and travel to work without restrictions. the Who advocacy project is currently supported by the swiss development cooperation.

You can access this text in OCHA Special Focus, September 2012, page 15