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Vacancy announcement: consultant on social determinants of health needed in Gaza

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The World Health Organization is seeking a short-term consultant for a report on social determinants of health (SDH) in Gaza. The consultant will report to the WHO representative and in close communication with WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and WHO headquarters, and social determinants of health experts.

Terms of reference

The consultant will be expected to:

  • gather relevant health inequity and Social Determinants of Health (SDH) data, analysis and reports relevant and specific to the Gaza Strip
  • with assistance from WHO experts, analyse/systematize the above information in order to identify key, priority health inequities and their underlying determinants
  • gather all relevant information from documents and in interviews with key actors (within the health sector and beyond) on actions, polices, strategies, projects addressing SDH and their measured or intended impact in reducing health inequities in the Gaza Strip
  • with the above information prepare a draft SDH report for Gaza (outline and objectives to be provided) which should be the basis of the SDH WHO mission and meeting. The report should focus on evidence-based recommended SDH strategic public policy priorities, including key actors and governance mechanisms.
  • assist in the preparation and the running of a mission to the oPt and meeting (in Gaza).


Senior Public Health/Public Policy/Social or Political sciences expert with knowledge in WHO's work in the area of social determinants of health and experience in:

  • assessing health inequities from quantitative and qualitative data sources
  • identifying social determinants of health and public policies for addressing them in order to reducing health inequities
  • political, public policy and institutional (thorough) knowledge of the country.

The candidiate must have good writing skills in English.

Time period

3 weeks. Final report to be submitted 31 August, 2015 (draft to be submitted 5 days earlier).

Deadline for expressions of interest

August 7, 4:00 pm. Interested consultants should send their CV and sample of previous research to “WHO Advocacy” at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .