Madlin's story

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MadlinName: Madlin

Age: 13

From: Shejaiiya

Date of injury: 18 July

Madlin's family had left their house for her grandfather's. Shelling began at 3:30am and lasted for an hour. Madlin’s grandfather’s house was hit, killing two of Madlin’s brothers and injuring twelve others. Madlin incurred an open wound to her abdomen and a fractured arm.

Her father tried to use his car to transport the injured to hospital but the car was also hit, leaving him injured.

An ambulance arrived 30 minutes later to transport the casualties to hospital. Five days after her injury, Madlin was in a stable condition.

Madlin: “Mama woke us up and we sat outside where there wasn’t any glass. My cousin came and sat with us. Then we tried to sleep - I was going to let my cousin sleep because she’s young and she’s afraid but we couldn’t sleep. We prayed al-Fajr prayer (dawn prayer)… I got hit in the stomach and it felt like an electric shock. Then my grandfather came and carried me out of the house. My mother went looking for my sisters…I found my neighbour at the door and told him my stomach hurt. He made me sit on a little step. When I couldn’t bear it [the pain] anymore, my brother took me to the street so that the emergency services could treat me. Our neighbour, Zeid, … brought a sheet to cover my stomach. The ambulance took a long time to arrive and I was feeling very dizzy. When they arrived they carried my brother and me into the ambulance and took us to hospital. During the ride to the hospital I recited verses from the Quran. When we got to the hospital I didn’t feel anything.”