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Updates on Egypt wild polio virus importation

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The first small scale polio campaign is planned to start on Sunday, 3 Feb 2013, in El Salam and Al Haggana areas. The campaign will target 160,000 children under 5 years. All expatriate children under 15 years shall also be vaccinated.

The next supplementary immunization campaign (SNID) is planned in early March in greater Cairo (Cairo, Giza and areas from Kalyoubia), targeting 3 million under 5 years, and all expatriate children under 15 years.

The third activity will be a nationwide immunization campaign (NID) planned for early April, targeting 12 million children, under 5 years, and all expatriate children under 15 years.

The polio campaigns will be conducted house to house in rural areas. As for urban areas especially during the February and March campaigns, the campaigns will be conducted from fixed/mobile sites.

Indicators and information

Wild polio cases by country in the Region for 2019 - 2020


P1 Total



29 29


144 144

Total 2019

173 173



17 17

Total 2020 (up to 16 February 2020)

17 17

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