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Institutional digital repository


A graphic image of featureless shapes representing people each sitting at a computer arranged in a circle around a serverThe Institutional Digital Repository of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean was launched in October 2011 in order to improve accessibility to, and availability of, documents of WHO governing bodies, the annual reports of the Regional Director, messages and speeches of the Regional Director, technical and intercountry meeting reports and resolutions that represent the work of the Regional Office. The Institutional Digital Repository includes bibliographic data with online access to the full text of more than 11250 official documents published from 1948 until the current day. Its main objective is to share knowledge through a single access point.

Institutional digital repository

Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean

Sixtieth-fourth Session, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2017

Sixtieth-third Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2016

Sixtieth-second Session, Kuwait, Kuwait, 2015

Sixtieth-first Session, Tunis, Tunisise, 2014

Sixtieth Session, Muscat, Oman, 2013

Fifty-ninth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2012

Fifty-eighth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2011

Fifty-seventh Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

Fifty-sixth Session, Fez, Morocco, 2009

Fifty-fifth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2008

Fifty-fourth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2007

Fifty-third Session, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2006

Fifty-second Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2005

Fifty-first Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2004

Fiftieth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2003

Forty-ninth Session, Cairo, Egypt, 2002

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