Volume 17, issue 1

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Specialty choices of medical students and house officers in Karachi, Pakistan
M. Aslam, A. Ali, T. Taj, N. Badar, W. Mirza, A. Ammar, S. Muzaffar and J.R. Kauten
Prévalence du syndrome métabolique chez les hémodialysés chroniques au Maroc
O. Maoujoud, S. Ahid, M. Asseraji, A. Bahadi, T. Aatif, Y. Zajari et Z. Oualim
Comparison of microscopical examination and semi-nested multiplex polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax
M. Nateghpour, H. Abed Khojasteh, H. Keshavarz, H. Hajjaran, Gh. Edrissian, A. Rahimi and N. Gobakhloo
Profile of drug users in Karachi city, Pakistan
H. Ali, R. Bushra and N. Aslam