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Call for research proposals: Research in Priority Areas of Public Health 2016–2017

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The World Health Organization's Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean is pleased to announce the tenth call for research proposals under the grant for Research in Priority Areas of Public Health (2016–2017). The aim of the grant is to promote health research as a tool for national development programming, and to increase the use of evidence-based action and health planning for provision of equitable health care.

The focus for this round are the five strategic areas identified by the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2012 strategic paper “Shaping the future of health in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region: reinforcing the role of WHO”, namely: health system development and strengthening; emergency preparedness and response; communicable disease prevention and control; maternal, child health and nutrition; and prevention and control of noncommunicable and mental health disorders with special emphasis on cross-cutting initiatives such as universal health coverage. Through a competitive process of selection, funds are provided to successful research proposals in these areas. 

Also, since the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals agenda, a growing emphasis on ‘leave no one behind’ requires that action be taken in the field of reducing inequities and protecting and promoting human rights and gender equality. Thus, when preparing your research proposals please consider marginalized and underserved populations’ health needs and risks; and disaggregation of collected data by sex, age and socioeconomic quintiles in your analysis plan. 

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